Thursday, June 30, 2011

After a long break

One afternoon, a young girl stepped off the train at her designated stop with a huge smile on her face. There were many things that prompted this smile: it was the end of term and start of the holidays, all her tests were over, her favourite artists' new albums were releasing, and the sun was shining.

There were also many things that would make others feel depressed: the CreateSpace site didn't like her novel and refused to accept it and she had failed her science and IPT tests and major project. The girl pushed that out of her mind and, with a skip in her step, walked up the stairs onto the way home.

Once home, the girl rushed to the computer to confirm her proof copy for her novel, then danced for a whole ten minutes because she could now order her proof copy without paying a cent (thanks to NaNoWriMo.) She then jumped on twitter to proclaim that to the world, and on deviantArt, and on NaNoWriMo, then she decided to revisit her blog and begin writing again.

After all, it was the holidays.